Residential Electricians in Melbourne

Atkins Electricians is an established and long standing electrical company that specialised in servicing residential customers.

Our residential electrical contractors are certified technicians and have the skill set and experience to quickly and accurately diagnose and resolve both easy and difficult electrical issues.

We are experienced is addressing all the electrical needs in a residential home for tenants, landlords and residents. We can assist with all electrical maintenance and also provide solutions and ideas for lighting and power upgrades and innovation.

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Any housing around Melbourne pre 1960’s potentially have old rubber cabling or cotton cabling. If you find there is black cabling or metal conduits supplying your lights and/or your power points then this needs to be replaced. Even newer plastic cabling which was brought in the 60’s can potentially be dangerous, as they commonly did not supply an earthing cable.

The key indicators for when your electricity installation will need to be rewired are:

  • Metal conduit running to the sockets or lights
  • Round pin plugs
  • An inadequate fuse box
  • Black outer rubber cable
  • Lights dimming at night


Any house without a safety switch needs one. If you find you have an old porcelain fuse board or a circuit breaker switchboard without a safety switch (Residual current device) then an electrician is needed.

Safety switches essentially protect the user from a fatal electric shock.


If you’re after any additional power points or lighting, Atkins can help. We will design the lighting and power points with your input and work to whatever requirements you desire. This includes:

  • Garden lighting
  • Outdoor housing lighting
  • LED lighting including strip lights
  • General power outlets
  • And much more…..


This day and age almost any light in the household can be upgraded to LED lighting. This includes down lights. The old halogen down lights are expensive to run and can cause extreme heat raising the risk of fire.

Atkins can provide a free quotation to upgrade these lights with a variety of different styles to suit any application.


At Atkins we repair faulty ovens, electric cook-tops and upright electric oven/stoves. We can often repair faulty mechanisms on these units and where the unit needs replacing we will happily offer a quote to replace.

Data and Phone Installations


If you are looking to install a new phone socket or need additional data points around the house for Wi-Fi, Foxtel, security, more desktops or anything else then Atkins can help. We can provide all types of communication wiring.

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Smoke Detector Installations in Melbourne


These days smoke detectors are a must. However, changing the batteries in these units is easy to forget. Atkins can install 240volt smoke detectors in the required positions of a house with rechargeable backup batteries, leaving the customer not having to touch them for the life of the smoke detector.


If you are at all ever concerned about you electrical installation at home Atkins can provide you with an Electrical safety audit. Checking all components of the electrical installation and assessing what needs to be done and its urgency.

“We have used Atkins Electricians for several years.

We have continued to used Atkins because the quality of their workmanship is excellent, their prices competitive, they are 100% reliable and they are a pleasure to deal with. They get the job done right the first time and have a solution for job requirements. Atkins have always responded to queries promptly and always delivered in accordance with quotations. We often recommend Atkins as they are the best electricians we have ever used!!! ” Michelle Rubin, Caulfield

I have been using Atkins Electricians for about 4 years. They get the job done and I can always reach them by phone no matter what hour. Atkins have really bent over backwards when something super urgent comes up. In my opinion Atkins must be doing something right to stay in business for 60+ years.
Jimmy Wong, Senior Owners corporation manager - Teska Carson
I think I have been using Atkins Electricians for about 15 years. They are reliable, honest and easy to work with. Atkins has given our clients quick and reliable service plus an ability to handle tenant’s time-frames. Their ongoing service is excellent and I would recommend anyone to use Atkins Electricians.
Richard Beck, Senior property manager - Buxton Real Estate Brighton