Commercial & Body Corporate Electricians in Melbourne

Choosing the right commercial electrical contractor is an integral part of making your business run smoothly. Atkins Electricians provide commercial electrical services for businesses, factories and body corporate properties.

For many years now, we have made it our focus to provide electrical maintenance, installation and upgrades for body corporate clients. This includes servicing both residential and commercial body corporate properties. Our qualified technicians have the experience in dealing with properties of any size.

At Atkins Electricians, our commercial electrical contractors are trained with the latest tools and technology needed to ensure safety and success of any size project. We are committed to deliver the highest standard quality of work. Atkins Electricians on site will always keep you in the loop throughout the project because we believe in integrity and building trust with our clients through open communication.

We have a range of staff members who are experienced in the requirements of commercial work. Our licensed electricians and apprentices can assist with all your commercial electrical needs in particular the below categories.

Call us now to organise a quote or service at your commercial or body corporate property you a bird’s eye view of what we do.

Data and Communication Electrical


Our commercial team will fit out, upgrade and install any data system required. Starting from a simple phone to be installed for an owners corporation to running fibre and upgrading an office fit out to cat6 cabling.

Emergency and Exit Lighting


In a commercial building any exit and emergency light needs to be tested as per fire regulations every 6 months. Atkins can take care of this regular testing and maintenance, repairing and quoting to replace any light fitting that needs to be replaced to meet these safety requirements.

Electrical Maintenance


At Atkins Electricians we are available 24/7 365 days a year. There is someone on the other end of the phone at all times to help you with your needs. Whether it is an emergency breakdown at 3 am or simply repairing faulty light fittings on a Wednesday.

Switchboard and Meter Cover Upgrades


In many commercial buildings around Melbourne there is still old porcelain fuse boards and old meter enclosures falling apart which need upgrading. Atkins Electricians have a lot of experience in this are having replaced hundreds of these around Melbourne over the years. We can provide a free quote to upgrade these to new industrial, heavy duty meter enclosures.

Electrical Testing and Tagging


Atkins can provide a scheduled service in commercial situations testing and tagging appropriate appliances around the office or factory. Being Electricians, where there are any repairs that are required we can do it on the spot.

Lighting Design and Installation


Where additional lighting or power is required in a commercial situation Atkins Electricians can provide a service from start to finish. From attending site and choosing the lights to carrying out the job and working directly with the chairperson or landlord.

Smoke Detector


With many of our clients Atkins Electricians provide a scheduled yearly test of smoke detectors in rental properties. As smoke detectors are now a requirement in rentals testing and making sure these units are operational is a must when it comes to insuring protection of the tenants.

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“We have used Atkins Electricians for several years.

We have continued to used Atkins because the quality of their workmanship is excellent, their prices competitive, they are 100% reliable and they are a pleasure to deal with. They get the job done right the first time and have a solution for job requirements. Atkins have always responded to queries promptly and always delivered in accordance with quotations. We often recommend Atkins as they are the best electricians we have ever used!!! ” Michelle Rubin, Caulfield

I have been using Atkins Electricians for about 4 years. They get the job done and I can always reach them by phone no matter what hour. Atkins have really bent over backwards when something super urgent comes up. In my opinion Atkins must be doing something right to stay in business for 60+ years.
Jimmy Wong, Senior Owners corporation manager - Teska Carson
I think I have been using Atkins Electricians for about 15 years. They are reliable, honest and easy to work with. Atkins has given our clients quick and reliable service plus an ability to handle tenant’s time-frames. Their ongoing service is excellent and I would recommend anyone to use Atkins Electricians.
Richard Beck, Senior property manager- Buxton Real Estate Brighton